Discipleship Pathway Assessment

Assessing Spiritual Maturity and Healthy Missional Churches

(Originally posted on Ed Stetzer's Blog.)

Discipleship has been a recurring topic lately on my weekly web show, The Exchange. We've discussed discipleship tools, methods, and strategies with a variety of guests. However before using those tools and methods or developing those strategies for growing mature disciples, we must first decide what we are looking for so we will recognize it when we see it.

So this past week on the show, I hosted a discussion with Lizette Beard and Scott McConnell. Both Lizette and Scott are involved in LifeWay Research's development and implementation of personal and church-wide assessment tools. These tools help both individuals and churches recognize spiritual strengths and weaknesses to tailor growth programs based on needs and gifting rather than instinct and anecdotes.

A frequent question I am asked is if surveys actually help local church ministry. I answer that in this short clip.

Without objectives and guidelines, assessments are worthless. So our goal is for churches to recognize what they need to learn about themselves.



However, when churches are considering taking a survey, there is typically and uneasiness that it will make pastors look like the problem.


If you missed the show, you can watch the full episode below.



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